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Strengthening Response Capabilities


PipelineResponse is a collaboration between Enertech and Texas811.  It was born out of the necessity to create a better process of reaching Emergency Officials with proper messaging and pre-planning which strengthens their response capabilities.


PipelineResponse strives to be a community resource reaching emergency officials in ways, times and places that best work for them.  This strategy was designed to address the underserved emergency officials that cannot attend a once a year meeting held in locations that takes them out of their operational area and could be several counties away.

PipelineResponse will use the calendar year and deploy a diverse set of training and presentation tools to flip the majority “non-attendees” to “attended.”  This strategy will deliver a more measurable and comprehensive set of documentation to operators.  Ultimately, this strategy will transform the emergency official's experiences, improve reach and create the critical connections necessary to respond properly to a pipeline incident.


Giving Back to those who gave it all!

*On behalf of every Emergency Official attendee who attends the PipelineResponse training class a $5.00 donation will be made to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and/or the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund depending on the line of service each attendee represents.


  • Reaches Emergency Officials in ways, times and places that best work for them
  • Addresses underserved Emergency Officials that can not attend
  • Transforms the Emergency Official’s experiences
  • Provides community resources for Emergency Officials
  • Improves reach and creates the critical connections necessary to respond properly to a pipeline incident


  • Presentation
  • Message Map of required messaging
  • Database of attendees with signatures
  • County analytics reports
  • Effectiveness measurement reporting
  • Non-attendee reporting


*PipelineResponse has a working agreement with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation from June 1, 2016 - June 1, 2019